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Membership Pricing

All new members must join as Candidate members first

To Challenge for Certification
  • Once you have signed up and we have received your payment, we will provide you with a document to enable you to sign up for an Emerit profile
  • Once you have signed up on Emerit, we will purchase the National Occupational Standards from Emerit – this is included in your Candidate Member fee.  We will forward this document to you together with a Self-Assessment Form which will enable you to decide which level of Membership you wish to challenge for.
  • Once you have decided which level you wish to challenge for, you will advise us and we will invoice you accordingly.  On receipt of payment, you will be advised to forward us your Portfolio of Evidence which will be assessed by an Assessment Committee.   After the Committee has advised that you may go ahead and challenge, we set up date for an on-line exam – we will also advise you as to the venue.  Emerit will provide us with the exam results.
  • If you pass the exam, and depending on what level you are challenging for, you will be able to use the following initials
    • Certified Event Director CED  CEPA : Minimum 5000 hours Experience
    • Certified Event Manager CEM  CEPA : Minimum 3000 hours Experience
    • Certified Event Coordinator CEC  CEPA: Minimum 1500 hours Experience
  • 32 Candidate Members have already signed up with four who wish to challenge for a higher level CEPA

If you would like to become certified as either one of the below options. Please contact Melanie Sillince.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Our prices are subject to the fluctuation in the ZAR/Canadian Dollar exchange rate of 1:10
  • All Candidate Members who registered prior to 1 March 2019 will still be able to challenge for an upper level at the old rate. Valid until 1 March 2020
  • Your candidate membership is valid for one year. If you do not challenge for an upper level before your anniversary, you will be required to pay another Candidate Membership Fee